People who own works of art are encouraged to open up their homes to the public for a day. They may have just one piece or many.  The art may be by an unknown local artist or a world renowned master. For just one day their home may become the “World’s Smallest Art Gallery”. This will give the public a unique opportunity to see works of art that are usually hidden away.

How to take part...

As a visitor:

The address of the ‘art gallery’ will not be published on this site.

People wishing to attend must register with us and will be given a date, time and location to meet. For example “Be outside the Tate Modern at 3pm on Saturday.” At the appointed time they will either be met by a guide who will take them to the ‘art gallery’ or they will be texted the address and directions. The gallery will never be more than a 5 minute walk from the meeting location.


As an Art Gallery:

If you would like your home to be the “World’s Smallest Art Gallery” for a day send us your location (no addresses at this stage please) and some information on the art that you have to daryl (at) . We will be in touch.


The World’s Smallest Art Gallery project will be launched in Summer 2011.