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A Tale of Desire and Despair
Set in a 19th Century Operating Theatre

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23rd Feb - March 12th 2011 (See full dates & times)
A play by Alex Burger

London – Bankcider Productions announces a world premiere of the play Whose Blood by award-winning playwright Alex Burger. Whose Blood will be performed at the historic Old Operating Theatre, near London Bridge 23 Feb – 12 March, 2011.

Enter an authentic 19th century operating theatre. As you climb the narrow spiral staircase, travel back to an era when yesterday’s surgeons amputated limbs without anaesthetic, the only thing standing between a patient and unimaginable pain being a slug of gin and a rag to bite down on. Sit in the halls where thousands went under the knife and few survived.

The year is 1832. A couple from what is now Ghana have come to London in search of a better life. One morning they arrive at St. Thomas’ Hospital looking for help and a doctor proposes an experimental solution. Soon, the couple find themselves immersed in a world of gin shops, body snatching, and ghosts. How far would you go to save the one you love?

Tickets for this unique event are strictly limited to 12 performances only.

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* Limited Disabled Access (more info)

" * * * * Four stars"
"...Candice Onyeama’s portrayal of Efua is hauntingly beautiful. Whose Blood is a must see."

London Festival Fringe
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